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"My husband was just about to construct a 'blue board' wall to provide screening for our new pool when we found 'Garden Walls' on the internet. We all pitched in and put the wall up in a weekend with a lot less fuss and finishing that would have been needed with the 'Blue board' alternative. Great result. Thanks Guy's."


Commercial and Barrier Walls up to 15ft (4.5m) high - 15ft (4.5m)+ upon request


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Get privacy, security, and noise insulation for your premises with an attractive functional barrier wall and without the high construction costs.

The panels also have internal recesses to accommodate electrical cable for security camera's, lighting, intercoms etc.

No longer does a commercial or barrier wall have to look like one! Have the same pleasing look of a residential wall just taller.

  • Proven acoustic performance (Meets MOE and MTO sound barrier specifications)
  • Light weight construction
  • Quick and easy installations with no need for large machinery or lifting equipment
  • Speed of construction allows it to be one of the most cost effective sound barrier systems available
  • Difficult locations - Due to the light weight properties of the components, remote locations and / or difficult sites can be readily serviced
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The information below details the specifications for typical layouts of the Barrier Wall System. Designs outside the scope of this information are possible and the system can be applied to a variety of specific or customized applications.

General Data:
Post Dimensions 6in (150mm) wide x 10in (250mm) deep (6in (150mm) across the face when viewing the wall)
Wall Heights 10ft (3.0m), 11ft (3.3m), 12ft (3.6m), 13ft (3.9m), 14ft (4.2m), 15ft (4.5m), above 15ft (4.5m) upon request.
Panel Composition3in (75mm) Fibre Cement Composite Sandwich Panel Average Density = 15kg/M2
Post Spacings8ft (2.4m) long panel = 8ft 4in (2.5m) post spacing / 9ft (2.7m) Panel = 9ft 4 in (2.8m) post spacing / 10ft (3.0m) spans available on request

TYPICAL ELEVATION VIEW 11ft (3.3m) & 12ft (3.6m) high shown

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